IAESTE in one photo

The purpose of the competition is to raise awareness of IAESTE, to engage our members, students and alumni, and to produce marketing materials that we can use during our 70th celebrations and beyond. Once the competition is launched we invite you to use the materials we will share on this website to help us promote it to all your students/members/volunteers/alumni etc.

The concept

We will invite anyone with an association to IAESTE to submit a photograph, based on the concept ‘IAESTE in one photo’. The idea is for people to submit one photo (that they have taken themselves) that for them, expresses what IAESTE is, what it means, what it stands for. It is an open concept (IAESTE means different things to different people) that allows for creativity and personalisation.

Once the photo has been submitted it will be shared on the IAESTE Instagram page and people will be invited to ‘like’ it. Of course we will encourage the participants to invite their friends & family to ‘like’ it also. At the end of the competition period, the votes will be counted and the top 10 with the most ‘likes’ will be considered by a panel of judges (usually made up of IAESTE Board members and other non-partisan people) and a winner will be selected. The winner will receive a 500CHF travel voucher from our sponsor, Swisscare. Swisscare’s logo should appear on all entries and in headers of social media and where possible, links to their website.

In addition to Instagram we will also use all our other channels to promote the competition and encourage people to vote with their ‘likes’.



  • Agree and write concept with timeline and prepare marketing materials with help of designer. Finalise the submission guidelines, rules and regulations for participants (use previous years’ competitions as template). Prepare members that the competition is coming.


  • Launch competition on all channels and encourage entrants.


  • Continue to promote competition and share the entries received on Instagram so that people can start voting. Competition entry deadline should be middle of August.


  • Voting on the entries should end in the middle of September to give some time for the panel to select the winner. The winner should be announced on IAESTE Day or at an appropriate time. The winning entry should be promoted on all channels and the prize presented by the member country of the winning participant, with a photo opportunity.

COMPETITION WEBSITE & ENTRY FORM: https://70thcompetitions.iaeste.org/