IAESTE Day takes place on October 20th every year and it is an opportunity for IAESTE members worldwide to come together and celebrate IAESTE. And for 2018 it is even more special as it marks the end of the 70th IAESTE anniversary celebrations!. If you would like to find out more about the related competitions, visit the IAESTE Day Competitions for Committees page.

So what is IAESTE Day and how do we do it?

There is no right or wrong way to do IAESTE Day. People celebrate in many different ways, some have huge parties, some host a dinner or bbq, some get their local committee or children involved. You need to chose what is right for your organisation and just do it!

As this year is a special one (it's where we're finishing our 70th Anniversary celebrations, we suggest that the theme of your event should be some kind of birthday party for IAESTE. Maybe you could bake a cake or make a card or even invent a new IAESTE Dance! (or even just do the old one :)). Whatever you do, let's use the opportunity to show the world who we are and how proud we are of our history.

Activities taking place on IAESTE Day

Want to see what others are doing on IAESTE Day? Want to get some ideas or inspiration? Then look below to see what IAESTE countries around the world are up to. And then, add your own event to help inspire others!

See what others are doing for the IAESTE Day

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How to capture your IAESTE Day events

One of the reasons for holding IAESTE Day is to share with the world our wonderful association. In order to do this we should all try to capture our IAESTE Day events in as many ways as possible. This means making plans to video the event, photograph it, write about it, interview people about, and whatever other ways you can think of!

It's worth planning in advance who will do all these things. You don't need to hire professionals, but try to find people with an interest in the skill your're looking for. IAESTE is filled with budding photographers, writers, videographers etc. so put out the call now and get people involved!

A word about quality and permissions - if you want to use the material you collect then you need to make sure it is of good quality. This means making sure photos are well lit, and are captured in the largest file sizes possible. Try to avoid photographs that contain alcohol or anything that might impact our image negatively. Make sure you get permissions from the people in the photos and the person taking them, so that you can use them in future marketing materials. You can find an example of a permission form in the 'Materials' folder.

Please do remember to share your IAESTE Day event materials on your social media and with IAESTE A.s.b.l. so that we can use them to promote IAESTE on the international level. Let's make this year's IAESTE Day the best ever!