70th Anniversary @ AC 2018

Together with the IAESTE Germany AC 2018 team we have prepared several activities that will take place between 19th and 25th January in Berlin:

  • Opening Plenary session & Panel discussion
  • 70th Anniversary Dinner
  • 70th Anniversary International Evening
  • 70th Anniversary Gala Dinner
  • Publication of IAESTE history booklet

Several events will be also part of the Annual Alumni Conference.

Opening Plenary session & Panel discussion

We have invited very prominent guests to participate in the Opening Plenary and Panel Discussion. Representatives from governmental institutions, universities, employers, students, alumni and IAESTE will share their point of view about IAESTE’s future. The meeting will be chaired by a professional journalist.

The event will take place on Saturday, 20th 2018 in Hotel Maritim, Berlin at 14:00 local time.

*Keep in mind that the Exchange Session on Saturday will take place on Saturday morning!

70th Anniversary Dinner

This will be the highlight of the 70th Anniversary celebrations in a very unique place in Berlin. We have reserved Humboldt Carre for this special evening that we will fill with speeches from prominent guests, fun interactions, talking about IAESTE memories, talking about IAESTE future to the accompaniment of the live music.

It’s also the time to blow out the candles on the 70th anniversary birthday cake!

70th Anniversary International Evening

We are used to tasting different cultures at this evening, however this time we want to make it special and invite all countries to prepare a show presenting their country’s culture.

It can be a performance, a song, a dance, a drama - whatever you have in mind, the floor will be yours. We did something similar for the 60th IAESTE anniversary celebrations in 2008 in Jordan and it was very successful.

AC 2018 Gala Dinner

This is the moment when we usually say “see you next year” to each other, but it will also be the moment to have fun together while having nice dinner. We will make sure it also has a touch of 70th Anniversary celebrations.